Sounds like Circumfero!

So… pull out your earphones or crank up those speakers and buckle up, because you’re about to take a ride into the world of Circumfero, through sound.


Hola de Mexico!

Hola guys! So I’ve been gone again, and this time to mexico for a little bit longer then a few months. I went to study some of their life styles, culture, religion. Help to teach a bit too so it was fun. But as I was doing so, I realized that there’s a whole other […]


I’ve received multiple women’s emails speaking about teen pregnancy, in the past and even now…Now this is a very touchy subject, no matter who you are, the stories either relate to you, or touch your heart. Now, I, personally, have never been, nor met a teenage mother, (or mother-to-be) so I cannot say exactly how […]

Trump’ing is becoming Hilary’ous

  Well… as I read through all the entries, a lot of them were about the elections, here in the U.S. Who’s going to win? Omg if this the end?! Trump won! Yaya! F*** Trump won I can’t go home! As a United States citizen, and of legal age to vote, I would just like […]

Too Complicated for It’s Complicated

Dear Lily,¬† Me and my ¬†student are in a relationship at the moment. I love her very much and I treat her right. But so many times, my wife calls in to ‘check up’ on me and I see the sadness in my beautiful girl’s eyes. I wish I could have met her before getting […]

Bully-be Gone

Dear Lily, I’m having trouble with life recently and I don’t know what to do about it. It’s bullying, that’s bothering me, and I know they say that I shouldn’t let words hurt me, but they do. Please… I just need advice on how to get the words to be blocked. Sincerly, pleading Dear pleading, […]