Reason To my Odd absence.

Hello all my beautiful people!

I’m aware that my activities have been very little in the past few months, and if you were wondering, here is the explanation!

Reason 1: The U.S. elections have taken up quite a bit of my time. And now that Trump has won… well, God almighty be with us all.

Reason 2: I need to remind you all that I am a student in uni, and that it does get busy with assignments and work. On top of that, I need to hold my job and well that’s never easy to balance.

Reason 3: Whenever I do come to write a post, all I do is spend hours reading all your entries. They are all wonderful and spectacular, (even if they’re sad), and I can’t decide on which to answer first. On top of that, some of your entries are very difficult to respond to.


I hope that clarified everything. I am currently attempting to write a response to an entry and hopefully it will be up today, or tonight… I hope.





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