KODA — Part 1

It’s that time of the year again! When Christmas is rolling by, and Christmas songs and- yeah okay, let’s be real here. This isn’t going to be about Christmas.

Last year, I had gone to visit some friends up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A simple friendly trip ended in discovering the most spectacular Production to ever roam this earth. (For more detail on the backstory and such, go read Rabenlied  )

It was fantastic and extraordinary and this year, I hop to find the time, (and flight) to go back and see it. This year, Circumfero will present to us, KODA.

I rampaged their twitter, Facebook, and I got this information.


For those, like me, who cannot understand that much French, here is all you need to know.


Dates: 14, 15, 16 of December 2016
Times: 7:30 pm (19h30)
Location: 340 Provencher blvd (CCFM) Winnipeg,MB Canada

Date: 17 December 2016
Time : 2:30 (14h30) and 7:30 (19h30)
Location: 340 Provencher blvd (CCFM) Winnipeg,MB Canada

Price : $15- Adults $10- Under 18 FREE- aged 5 and under


I live in New York, and came to see it by coincidence, yet here I am, scavenging the internet to find a plane ticket and trying to get off work and school just so I can see it again! It was that amazing! And so, that is why I say, GO SEE THE SHOW!!!


visit their

Twitter : circumferocslr

Facebook: Circumfero CSLR

or the teacher

nathanael.wsiaki@dsfm.mb.ca      for more information 😉

MERDE ( I think that’s how you say break a leg… at least that’s what Google tells me)


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