Bully-be Gone

Dear Lily,

I’m having trouble with life recently and I don’t know what to do about it. It’s bullying, that’s bothering me, and I know they say that I shouldn’t let words hurt me, but they do. Please… I just need advice on how to get the words to be blocked.

Sincerly, pleading

Dear pleading,

Bullying, under no circumstances is okay, and it’s okay to not be okay. Though it’s true, you shouldn’t let words hurt you, they will… not because you’re weak, but because it’s just normal. We don’t like being made fun of, and we don’t like being spoken about.

Now advice on how to block it out? Honestly, there’s never a way to fully block anything like that out, but you can listen to music. Music calms you down usually, and when you hear a song you can somehow relate to, whenever they say those things to you, try hard to replay that song in your head. You may not get it completely right the first time, as in, it may not block the words out at first, but the more you get used to doing that the easier it gets.

You can try confronting them about what they are saying. If they aren’t aware that they are hurting you, let them know. If they are doing it intentionally, then honestly, if you are able to talk to them about it, go ahead. If you aren’t then that’s okay too. Not everything needs to be said.

Although some people feed their desire of torturing off of reaction, some people don’t do that, they just insult dumbly (meaning without thinking). In that case, all you can really do is just tell yourself… they don’t know any better. Sometimes, people bully because they either really don’t know any better, or because they have problems, and are unaware of the fact that what they are doing isn’t helping.

Here are some videos, that I enjoyed, and that I hope you do too.

Love Always,


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