Trump’ing is becoming Hilary’ous


Well… as I read through all the entries, a lot of them were about the elections, here in the U.S.

Who’s going to win?
Omg if this the end?!
Trump won! Yaya!
F*** Trump won I can’t go home!

As a United States citizen, and of legal age to vote, I would just like to say, that the elections this year have stressed me out way more then my UNIVERSITY EXAMS. And that’s saying something!

I’m not big on politics, I’ve never been, but this election has caused me to open my eyes a bit. Maybe it’s time to start paying attention to the our government.

Now, normally, I would say who I voted for, but since this is an advice and informative blog, that would discriminate and oppose other people’s views, which is something I try so highly to avoid.  So for this blog, I will take a few entries, and respond to them, but in no way will I, or am I saying if Trump is better or if Clinton was wronged of her position.


Hey Lily,

I don’t know what to say about this… I found out I was gay a few months ago, and I was ready to come out, but then Trump became president and I’m scared as f*** because… I don’t know what to do! Should I pack up and move to Canada?  I’m 17 by the way.

love, equals

Hey equals,

I would say, no, don’t run away. Being who you are is your right as an American citizen and not even Trump can take that away. Sure, he may not be fully okay with you, but it isn’t really something he can control at this point. You shouldn’t be afraid to come out, and you’re only 17, go live your life! Don’t worry about anything. If you’re really scared, try talking to friends or your parents about it. It may help.

Love, Lily


Hey Lily,

My parents have packed and they’re planning to move somewhere far away from here. They all wanted Hilary Clinton to win, but I wanted it to be Trump. Like… I get he’s an a****** but Clinton’s emails and lies and s**t weren’t reassuring me! I’m black, and I want to stay here, but I’m afraid my parents will get mad if I say that. This election has almost ruined my relationship with them. Help


Hello gallowwaygirl,

I see where your problem is. You’re afraid that because of your values, and your parents, different values, that that will ruin your and their relationship. If you are 18 or older, I’d say, you have every right to stay in the U.S. alone, without them. But if you aren’t, then that may not be the best idea. Although, if you have family or really close friends who are willing to take care of you until you are able to do that for yourself? Does that help? I hope it does, let me know! 🙂



Dear Lily,

I am a mother of three young kids, and I live in Tampa Florida. Everyone around me is saying how now that Trump has taken the ‘throne’, that it will be the end of the world. Quite frankly, I’m just worried about my kids and the environment that they will grow up in. We aren’t very strict, but we still put boundaries. What would you suggest I do? Move away? Stay? Home school?

Sincerly, mamabear


Hello mamabear,

As a single adult, I cannot relate to being a parent, but I did take the liberty in calling my own mother to ask her about this situation. Our advice to you would be, don’t take your kids out of school or move away. That in itself takes to much of a bombac and it isn’t worth your kids’ education. So far, nothing he’s done or is going to be doing should effect you or your children in any way, based on the information given, yet if you would like to keep reinforcing the boundaries as said placed, go on ahead, if for the security and not preservation of your children.

Sincerly, Lily.



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