I’ve received multiple women’s emails speaking about teen pregnancy, in the past and even now…Now this is a very touchy subject, no matter who you are, the stories either relate to you, or touch your heart.

Now, I, personally, have never been, nor met a teenage mother, (or mother-to-be) so I cannot say exactly how it feels or what you can do in these situations. That said, some parts of the emails, I have recuperated, and brought together. I will do my best in answering the questions asked, but please understand, this is not my level of medical nor  psychological degree (though, I am taking a psych class next term).

I had sex with my boyfriend, it was my first time and then suddenly I’m pregnant… I’m just 16 what do I do?:

My question to you is… did you use protection? If not… well I think you need to go back to sex ed (sorry, not sorry). It’s a common fact that if you have sex without contraception (birth controls ‘the pill’, condom… etc) you have higher then an 89% chance of becoming impregnated. If you did use protection, then I’m sorry… not all contraceptions work 100%, and you have fallen in the unfortunate 2% that get affected and pregnant. In that case, honestly, tell your parent(s) or guardian, and tell your boyfriend. Yes, he may not want to hear it, but it’s always better he hears it from you earlier. If you absolutely need to, and I stress on need, you can get an abortion, but make sure a legal, mature adult is with you. Though I don’t recommend it, fro health reasons, since you are only 16.  If you will keep the child, then try finding out if anyone is willing to help you, since raising a child requires effort and money and time. (Adoption is also an option, and you can make adoptions where you see/visit the child).

I am a mother of a child, I am 17 and I had moved in with my boyfriend, but he walked out on us, and I’m stuck with the kid all by myself… how do I do this?: 

Firstly, with all due respect, do not refer to your child as ‘the kid’, it’s slightly disturbing. I’m quite surprised you moved in with him, or even that your parents allowed you to at that age. How old was he at that time? Anyway, do you have a job? If yes, good. If no, please go find one. Make sure you have a nany or a friend that can watch your child with you, or possibly even, move in with them until you can get your life figured out, (job, money, living) .

I’m pregnant, and I’m still in school, and I don’t even know how this happened. I don’t have a boyfriend, but I did hook up with guys… who is the father and how do I tell them/find out?: 

Well… then. I would ask for your age but quite honestly, I’m not sure I even WANT to know. Now, to find which guy is the father, find out how many months pregnant you are, and count back to who you did at that time… hopefully you didn’t do all of them at once. After that, honestly you should tell them, and if you don’t want to well… at least tell a parent (yours). That’s all the advice I can give.


So … I guess in total, be careful when it comes to sex and come clean when it comes to pregnancies. Don’t be afraid of it though, because you are giving life to a human. You may be young, but you still made that little baby and you just allowed another human a chance at living and making life great. 🙂  Seriously though, be careful.




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