Back! (And so are the shootings)

In recognition to the victims in the US


Sounds like Circumfero!

So… pull out your earphones or crank up those speakers and buckle up, because you’re about to take a ride into the world of Circumfero, through sound.

Hola de Mexico!

Hola guys! So I’ve been gone again, and this time to mexico for a little bit longer then a few months. I went to study some of their life styles, culture, religion. Help to teach a bit too so it was fun. But as I was doing so, I realized that there’s a whole other […]


I’ve received multiple women’s emails speaking about teen pregnancy, in the past and even now…Now this is a very touchy subject, no matter who you are, the stories either relate to you, or touch your heart. Now, I, personally, have never been, nor met a teenage mother, (or mother-to-be) so I cannot say exactly how […]

Trump’ing is becoming Hilary’ous

  Well… as I read through all the entries, a lot of them were about the elections, here in the U.S. Who’s going to win? Omg if this the end?! Trump won! Yaya! F*** Trump won I can’t go home! As a United States citizen, and of legal age to vote, I would just like […]

Too Complicated for It’s Complicated

Dear Lily,¬† Me and my ¬†student are in a relationship at the moment. I love her very much and I treat her right. But so many times, my wife calls in to ‘check up’ on me and I see the sadness in my beautiful girl’s eyes. I wish I could have met her before getting […]

Bully-be Gone

Dear Lily, I’m having trouble with life recently and I don’t know what to do about it. It’s bullying, that’s bothering me, and I know they say that I shouldn’t let words hurt me, but they do. Please… I just need advice on how to get the words to be blocked. Sincerly, pleading Dear pleading, […]