Okay, I finally edited everything and had time to improve some answers. I know, it’s late and I’m not blogging as much as I used to, I’m sorry. But here are 4 blog entries, all corrected, hope that answers some of your questions. Love you babes, Lily Advertisements

KODA — Part 1

It’s that time of the year again! When Christmas is rolling by, and Christmas songs and- yeah okay, let’s be real here. This isn’t going to be about Christmas. Last year, I had gone to visit some friends up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A simple friendly trip ended in discovering the most spectacular Production to […]

Reason To my Odd absence.

Hello all my beautiful people! I’m aware that my activities have been very little in the past few months, and if you were wondering, here is the explanation! Reason 1: The U.S. elections have taken up quite a bit of my time. And now that Trump has won… well, God almighty be with us all. […]

Teaching Boundaries

Dear Lily, I’m in my Senior year at highschool, and ever since the beginning of the year, I had been daydreaming about our new math teacher in class. Everytime I see him, I always imagine things that are probably unhealthy, but I really do like him a lot. He’s young and super good looking and […]

Welcome back!

Hey there babes!! (How cute is the puppy?!?!) So first off, let me just apologies sooo much for what happened! My other blog came crashing down! 😥 I tried starting a blog on Blogger (Google) but eh, that wasn’t working so well so here I am! Also, I was away for a while because I […]